How to Become a Casino Dealer

Working as a Casino Dealer

Looking for a new career path? Why not consider becoming a casino dealer? It is a fun job where you meet people from all around the world interested in having the best time of their lives. You will be all dressed up, look serious and professional, and you will be at the centre of the happenings. But what are the requirements for this job? How do you learn the things you need to do? Is there a school for casino dealers? How about the salary? Well, keep all of these questions in mind and soon you will get them answered.

Skills and Qualities Required

You will need to possess some skills and qualities beforehand to be suitable for the job. For instance, your communication skills should be at the highest level, meaning you have to be polite, trustworthy, with good manners, and a bit charismatic. In addition, you will have to possess team working skills, have fast mental calculations, be concentrated, have the ability to handle difficult situations and complaints and you have to be tactful. Believe it or not, you will also have to be able to distinguish different colours, be well-groomed, have a good memory, be fit and have a good physical endurance as you may be standing on your feet for hours.

Job Description

In a nutshell, your job description is controlling the games and making sure everything runs smoothly. Of course, that's not all. Actually you will be responsible for setting up the table before the game, host new players, put wagers and chips in their place, explain the rules to the players, control the pace of the game, keep a mental record of all the bets so that the winner doesn't surprise you, and most importantly make sure that pro players don't count cards or perform any illegal activity. In case they do, you have to report them immediately.

As for working hours and conditions, there are 3 shifts the daily, the mid and the night shift, with many benefits included. You are entitled to a meal, clean environment, flexible break time, however, although you get the 20 paid statuary annual leave days, you still work on public holidays. But, the salary is definitely worth the trouble. As a casino dealer, you get from £‎15,000 to £20,000 per year.

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How to Get the Qualifications

Although there is no school for casino dealers, there are two ways you could get the training you need to become a professional croupier, the in-house training, and the croupier course. Some casinos (like prefer to train their dealers by themselves and require no course certificates. However, if you want to take a course, it usually runs no more than eight weeks and costs no more than £‎3,000. To enter any course you will have to have a clean criminal record, best grades in Maths and English and of course, be 18 or over.

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